Prior Experience of Criminal Cases

We have handled numerous criminal cases in Suffolk County and Central Islip. Since 2001, our legal team has been working to protect those who have been gone through very severe criminal cases specially in Suffolk County, Nassau County and Central Islip.The criminal lawyers at our office have over 15 years of combined experience. We believe that our experience can make a huge difference in the outcome of people’s cases. It distinguishes our law firm from the others, and build our reputation as a professional advocate for my clients who offers honest and well reasoned legal advices.

We Can Produce Successful Outcomes

Many clients who have chosen to utilize the services of Kasman Law Offices have obtained settlements or awards for their cases and have been able to put their worries and grievances behind them. We determine the immediacy of your situation and provide best results in best possible time period. Every attorney individual on our team is professional and provide successful outcomes according to our clients’ needs and their individual situations as we relate to our clients on a human level rather than just as attorney and client.

We Alleviate Our Clients’ Stress

It is not surprising that the criminal cases are very stressful and at some points very confusing. Our firm attorneys do all that we can to minimize the stress of our clients and to make them relax and stress free. At our law firm, we apply those concepts to every representation we undertake. We take pride in thinking “outside the box” to generate creative solutions to problems of our valued clients. We represent people the way we would want to be represented ourselves.

We Can Increase The Value of Your Case

Our number one job is to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of damages possible for their criminal cases. We do all that we can do to obtain the highest amount of compensation possible for every case we undertake. Determining the value of a criminal case damages is not an exact science. When people take the time to meet with an criminal lawyer from our legal team, they can gain a better understanding of the approximate value of their case.

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